Empress Jewelry

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              "Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles" 

Sonja Henie
Norwegian Figure Skater & Film Star

About Us

John Hill

Store Owner

I'm a Man but I like Jewelry but not on the point of obsession. I just like them not just because they are beautiful and valuable but because it's one of those things that let's you express your feelings especially if you're person who doesn't know how and if you're a man, you can give to your lover, wife and even your own mother, a Ring, Necklace or any kind of Jewelry to show them how much you care about them and it also reassures them that you still think and care about them.

To women, Jewelry is very important because it let's them show off, right? Come on, is there any woman out there who doesn't especially if it came from someone really important to them? No one but maybe there are, who knows.

These sparkly things makes women look Stunning, Gorgeous, Exquisite, Noble, Elegant and all words you can describe them, its endless.

The Sparkle, The Shine. It makes you reminiscence how once was beautiful the Starry Sky above you.